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California Assault Weapon Ban Leaves Thousands Of Gun Owners In Limbo

Tens of thousands of gun owners in California are in legal limbo because of the state’s newly expanded assault weapons ban. Allen Martin reports. (6-18-17)

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  • Stefan L. says:

    White Democrats in America want to keep Guns out of the hands of "coloreds". Democrats are the most racist pigs in the country. California became hard on guns only when the Black Panthers purchased arms legally. Never forget Dems still openly and quietly say ni****, look at Bill Maher. They do not want the growing Latino population to be armed as the Constitution permits.

  • Richy 17 says:

    Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment.

    – Huey P. Newton

  • Hello Headcrab says:

    Ban communism before it ban american way of life.

  • Brian says:

    This opens up a whole new black market in guns. Gangs in inner cities will now be drug pushers, pimps, and now arms dealers 👍

  • Brian says:

    criminals aren't worried about registering their guns with the state.

  • FDJMotivational Gamer says:

    Dumbass people we need to arm are self and people will think twice about shooting up citys …think about it theres no terrorist attack in OAKLAND CALI cuz niggas stay strap if terrorists come out there act stupid they gunna get hit with bullits

  • Artouzel says:

    Ban AR in any form.

  • Thomas Payton says:

    In Commieforina any gun THEY think is scary is labeled an assault weapon

  • Thomas Payton says:

    California is a communist nightmare. they denied their own people the basic human right to self defense .

  • Joel Bondurant says:

    Military police state culture is a bigger threat than ISIS.

  • Christopher Burnham says:

    they will be in violation of the 2nd amendment

  • kansasthunderman1 says:

    Private citizens need to have guns to keep the US a free country. If German citizens had guns, the holocaust could not have happened.

  • JesusismyKing777 says:

    This is an illegal ban.

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