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BREAKING USA Airstrikes on Russia Iranian Assad Syrian Deconfliction safe Zones May 18 2017 News

BREAKING USA Airstrikes on Russia Iranian Assad Syrian Deconfliction safe Zones May 18 2017 News USA led coalition struck the pro Syrian government forces vehicles near the town of At-Tanf near USA special forces training Syrian rebels in the fight against Assad in an area established deconfliction zone by Russia Iran & ASSAD Syrian Regime In a second incident near al-Tanf, U.S. fighter jets intercepted a Syrian SU-22 fighter-bomber that had entered air space near the base. There was no exchange of fire and the Syrian bomber turned around

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  • 8paxMessiahChosen Beato Hernandez says:

    America is a fucn asshole. mind your own fucn buisness. Warmonger. America is the Terrorist.

  • Boom! Boom! says:

    To believe this trash? only means one thing. Some one is domesticated. There was no warning shots. Proof people! We Need to see Proof! Just the statements from someone is not fact. I want to see facts! Every time you take the word of someone with out facts, We the People Pay for it  and always in a bad way. Am I calling them Liars? Because they never produce absolute proof, YEP! And people just swallow anything anymore, Human IQ's have plummeted to an embarrassing level ladies and gentleman.

  • Acesahn says:

    So America is training and arming rebel forces in a foreign country, and air striking/killing the said countries soldiers who get to close to them. Um… are we the villains now?

  • Er Ge says:

    "A murderous dictator still in Charge"…Nice to hear that the media describes Assad very well! That is what he is! I hope it won't be long that he will be removed from power!

  • TyRCelto says:

    May God bless Pres.Assad, the Syrian people, Syrian Christian militias, Hezbollah, Pres.Putin, and anyone else taking a stand against the globalist, war mongering, lizard scum.

  • Felipe Kennedy says:

    the world must keep their eyes on the KING OF THE NORTH mr putin this man commands many muslim nations including persia,

  • me him says:

    the USA are once again being the Isis air force!I guarantee my traitorous countries gov (UK) was involved!

  • ArkTiger4c says:


  • Alex Aladdin says:

    mother fuckers this land calls Syria ! and u are not welcome ….. fuck off from our country

  • Daniel Burkhart says:

    why the fuck are you all buying any of this bullshit, fox news lies so much its getting old!

  • John West says:

    British SAS is there as well

  • Gomar Oz Dubar says:

    this war is about Syria not having nor wanting a Rothschild central bank.

  • 천사 says:

    FOX and CNN are the same.

  • eddie munster says:

    I can't even stand to watch Shat Smith online

  • Orlando Felix says:

    did u call the Obama administration a regime? last I knew the president of Syria was democratically elected, aren't we in the middle east spreading democracy. it would seem to me that we might be wasting our time in Syria where democracy is already present, alive and well.

  • theguyisinthailand says:

    NATO protecting Al-Qaeda again… How about if Syria know the groups were planing an attack on Israel? We know that isn't true, because Israel has been working with these Jihadists for years. Enemy one day & friendly when needed.

  • Bill Pitman says:

    Fox news is fake "wag the dog" shit piles… Sheepherder Smith is reading a script to scare people… Hahahahhh and he knows he's lying… ISIS is an American and Israeli proxy army without benefits… Shalom

  • Leighton Julye says:

    isn't that ww3

  • Mobitronic Solar Mobitronic Solar says:

    it don't come believed it

  • ckendrick24 says:

    This is obviously a distraction to what's going on with the Trump investigation. Wake up, people!!!!

  • Rhonda Kelley says:


  • Lendzemo Joachimkimeng says:

    assad is not a dictator trump and the us administration is the dictator the us is supporting terrorism in syria and its a fact fox news u wont lie to us as u did in iraq

  • Rebecca Emanuel says:

    Fake news

  • boris provatakis says:

    Syrian forces should be able to go were ever they want in their own countrie. They aren't over here in are country bothering us why are we in their country killing them.

  • gary smallwood says:

    I do not think Assad is as bad as we are told but are we still supporting Isis?Turkey also hates the Kurds and so what will happen with that also!

  • u2bheavenbound says:

    USA vs Russia Iran ASSAD Syria

  • u2bheavenbound says:

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