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BREAKING: U.S. Plane Just Went Down En Route To North Korea After Trump’s Warning , Here’s Who Was

BREAKING: U.S. Plane Just Went Down En Route To North Korea After Trump’s Warning , Here’s Who Was On Board

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Tensions with North Korea over the past couple weeks have been incredibly strained following President Trump’s airstrikes in Syria. As Kim Jong un continues to rattle his sabers and spout off with threats of nuclear war, more of our forces continue to be deployed to the Korean peninsula as a show of force. Now breaking reports are coming in of a tragic event that just happened to one of our F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jets after a pilot attempted to land on the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, in the middle of the ocean.
Times of San Diego reports that as the pilot of the F-18 Super Hornet was attempting to land that something went horribly wrong as he was nearing the massive Naval vessel. He apparently lost control, and the jet crashed. Narrowly missing his death, the pilot was thankfully able to eject where he was rapidly rescued by a nearby helicopter. So far, no major injuries have been reported.
A statement from the Commander of 7th Fleet Public Affairs read: “A pilot safely ejected and was quickly recovered by a helicopter assigned to HSC-4 aboard USS Carl Vinson while conducting routine flight operations during a transit.”

“The incident occurred as the F/A-18E assigned to Carrier Air Wing 2 was on final approach to USS Carl Vinson,” the statement continued. “The incident is currently under investigation. The pilot is being assessed by the medical team on board USS Carl Vinson and there are no apparent injuries at this time.”

Times of San Diego reported:
The Vinson and its strike group is headed to waters off the Korean peninsula after a training exercise with the Royal Australian Navy. The group’s deployment has been extended for 30 days amid rising tensions with communist North Korea.

The Navy said the pilot was being assessed by the medical team on board USS Carl Vinson but had suffered no apparent injuries. The crash is under investigation.

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Conservative Tribune reported:

The Carl Vinson, which is based in San Diego, had been near Singapore a couple of weeks ago when it was reported to have been headed toward North Korea, but was later found to have first rendezvoused with elements of the Royal Australian Navy for a training exercise.

The incident occurred in the Celebes Sea, which is located between the Philippines and Indonesia, a good distance north of Australia but still a long way south of the Korean peninsula.

Thank God that our pilot was able to make it out alive. This just goes to prove what a highly elite military we truly have. The pilot’s quick-thinking response from years of training no doubt came into play, as well as the fast reaction of a nearby rescue helicopter. Had this pilot been in the poorly-trained North Korean army whose military possess archaic equipment from the Soviet era, there’s no doubt this pilot would be a smoldering ember in the Korean peninsula at this point.

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    More Fake News to make Mr.Trump look good!!!

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    God Bless. Just glad everyone is o.k.

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    President Trump needs to get that Military equipment rolling off the assembly line ASAP

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    My Two Cents worth!! Your Two cents worth ain't worth a bucket of SHIT ,

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    northkorea cooked it, just like how the russia cooked a US warship a year ago.

  • My 2 Cents Worth says:

    this video is a load of shit! Trump is fucking TERRIBLE and is a very bad example of a man let alone a President!

  • William Critchley says:

    I don't trust trump any more. I don't believe what he say's or that he's doing every thing for desire to help citizens. If this country fall's to illegal alien chaos and terror. He of all, has the most to lose, millions, plus Land all over the globe. Stock in weapons manufacturing Industry. Mansion's, investment's. He is securing his own interests and those of corporate profits. He think's poor are just lazy. He speaks like, all is on our behalf. He is part of Clinton, Barry, Soro's, Comey, Podesta all of them run the same crowd. That's why he hasn't, wont and never will, bring charges on any of them. Murder, child rape, Lies under oath, Theft and treason, kidnapping, assassination. He is willing to over look, but God forbid some one should smoke a joint of Pot..that is jailing offense!

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    IT'S a mixture of reports … are they all old news???? Must be another Democrat or Soro’s Libtard trying to stop people from hearing what's really going on and paying attention to a channel that is in fact giving you the REAL news! funny how no one is talking about the poor little AMERICAN GIRLS that President Trump found out were getting their female genitals mutilated like the MUSLIM CULTURE would have it be??? But yet DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THIS CHANNEL, THIS NEWS IS OLD, THIS IS FAKE… BLAH BLAH BLAH! To me it's another reason they just want us to hear what they only want us to hear and that's it! SO IF YOU ARE CATTLE STOP PAYING ATTENTION AND IF NOT.. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! STAY AWAKE AND LOOK AT EVERYTHING AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!

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    my prayers and my respect to you trump

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    guys, the channel is 'latest conspiracy theory news' if you were expecting great coverage, or legitimate breaking news, I think you came to the wrong place….

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    This is OVER 12 hours old jackasses. get your shit together. fake ass breaking shit!

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    Hey we lose airplanes, and helicopters every day. When hi performance aircraft are put thru their paces, things happen, whoops !!! Normal in the military !!!

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    this isnt breaking its old already

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    Lisa.. quit hiding from everyone and let them know that your ok!.. everyone thinks your dead and someone else is faking u and I know better so plz log into fb and clear this up! It’s been 5mo

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