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BREAKING: Russian Su-24 warplane shot over Syria by TURKEY

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A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry said, adding the plane hadn’t violated Turkish airspace and was at an altitude of 6,000 meters.

The pilots managed to eject from the downed jet, the ministry said, adding their fate is as yet unknown.
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  • Bobby Rosigliano says:

    wheres your proof? this could be a false flag.

  • Jon Snow lives says:

    fuck Turkey.

  • Emin Poyraz says:

    işte böyle sikerler

  • BM-İKİZLER says:

    parcalanmaya devam edeceksinizz sss|C☆|[TÜRKEY]|C☆|

  • Ahmet Kudsi says:

    Turkis army says :Those to whom hypocrites said, "Indeed, the people have gathered against you, so fear them." But it [merely] increased them in faith, and they said, "Sufficient for us is Allah , and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs (Ali İmran 173)

  • khanh nguyenduc says:

    fuck turkey!turkey is vampire,í dog!

  • cyka blyat greece says:


  • Aristokrat Sincap says:

    And you seee , nothing happens:) Don't be afraid from coward Russian goverment. Be afraid from Turks. We are in fire circle. All the world watching us. We must bi careful and smart. We are playing chess. Very verh hard chess.

  • hyrl bri says:


  • Germain Picot says:

    turkey isnt ukraine or georgia, russia cant go to war with the turks, otherwise WWIII breaks out and nobody wants it

  • TheTurkishYoung 29 says:

    started to give you the future of the past .We Are just afraid ALLAH.And everything happens as ALLAH s wish .

  • Durno Kot says:

    Нет ребята!!! Русские конечно сумасшедшие и отчаянные, но мы еще и очень умные! Никто не будет бомбить Турцию, потому что их президент продался США! Граждане Турции не должны расплачиваться за ошибки своего правительства!

  • irrefutable offer says:


  • Murat Alp says:

    Slava Ukraine, Geroyam Slava, Erdogan Slava…

  • sabır hoca says:

    hepiniz yalan söylüyorsunuz ve iftira atıyorsunuz bize. türkiye işid'i desteklemiyor. rusya türkmenleri öldürüyor işid'i değil. işid bahane sadece. katil zalim esed ve rusya. siz ikiniz işidden daha barbarsınız. zalim yamyamlar.

  • Devastator says:

    Russians! Initiate a nuclear strike immedeately. Turkish pigs must sucks a russian dick.

  • Oszkar Csaky says:

    In Soviet Russia, Turkey shoots you for Thanksgiving

  • T says:

    Erdogan is right…
    Putin and bachar are liars and terrorists…

  • SK GaMeR says:

    F*** RUSSIA

  • NIKOS Soldatos says:

    I want tell something serious thing someone i dont know who and how hack my YouTube account and wrote many comments for me i want just to know all of you my real opinion about that Turkish may have stop all this about war and stop insult the Greek people because i love my country of course i don't want to have war with any country. But Turkish you believe that you gonna kill and terror the planet without cost for once time be responsible country and stop afraid us we are not afraid you. Because we are peaceful country doesn't mean that we are afraid everyone threat my country my family so fight with us the isis and don't help them

  • lol says:

    russia ambargoing to turkey,if turkey close to turkish straits, what will you do russia ? you cant send more army to syria,you can lose the medittreian,this straits ur breath for open the world,turkey can cut ur neck

  • Arabian warrior says:

    If Russia don't have the nuclear warheads, turkey definitely will win the war.

    Sons of the ottomans born to be solders!

  • mustafa köseoğlu says:

    russia is playing with fire !!!!!!

  • Far Y says:

    Iranians strongly support Russia and Syria.death to USA and Israel

  • studentomsk7 says:

    Watched all the videos of the shooting down of a plane in English and did not find any full video where would be words of joy shot this video of praise of Allah and a death in agony. Where is all your vaunted in the media???? These words say "moderate opposition" that protect US. Judging by their words and actions – they are even worse than ISIS

  • studentomsk7 says:

    Посмотрел все видео сбития самолёта на английском языке и не нашёл ни одного полного видео, где были бы слова радости снимавших это видео, восхваления аллаха и жажда смерти в муках. Где это всё в ваших хвалёных СМИ???? Эти слова произносят "умеренная оппозиция", которую так защищают США. Судя по их словам и действиям – они даже хуже ИГИЛ

  • FuckRUcommies “havoc” says:


  • Sal Prive says:

    This situation is like eating Turkey during a game of Russian roulette.

  • United Turkic Peoples says:

    Russia not fighting Isıs in Syria , We are not stupid , They are bombing civilian Turkmen peoples in Syria. We are one with Turkmens !!! FUCK YOU RUSSİA , FUCK YOU ISIL !

  • Phong Do says:

    #worldwar3 comming soon!

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