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BREAKING-Russian Nuclear Bombers Perform Fly By Of U S Mainland!

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BREAKING: Russian Nuclear Bombers Perform Fly-By Of U.S. Mainland!

BREAKING: 21st Century Fox Just Confirmed It!! He’s Out

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  • 4MyNextTick says:

    End Times News brought to you from some loon in his kitchen. Keep it coming fella, you're hilarious. Youtube, the skid row of the net!

  • Turtle Vang says:

    Open your fucking eyes people… Trump lied to you, and relations aren't getting better. I can't believe you're still sucking up to this crap. You can try to argue back but the matter of the fact is, Trump can't do it. My god Americans are dumb. Sticking to false hopes, this is why we're in such a shit condition. As an American, I'm not proud to say: we probably have the dumbest people in the world.

  • Mike Perkins says:

    Putin showed control and USA showed reactions, so Russia knows how US will react in real time. Both in control and respecting international law, good to see. Sadly Murdoch though Australian like me, I know he is a ass wipe and I would not piss on even if he was on fire. Pure NWO shit head, not worth air they breath and busy sucking Soros off.

  • Richard McQuarry says:

    fox fake news and cnn fake news 8 years of satan and now he she and she he enki siruis lucifer trump god fallen cherub who can make war with this evil everyone move in or perish people your time has run out

  • Ledford Thomas says:

    You sir are a dumb ass…but thats to be expected….Racist!!!

  • mybebe2005 says:

    When Soros died, which next victim/victims will his demonic spirits going to go into?

  • Thomas Benedict says:

    International waters, airspace what ever. What is Putin saying? Could be he is making sure those old bombers can still fly. You really think there a big threat ?

  • spunkypuddin says:

    I thought Soros was dead.

  • Canadian Guy says:

    We now know that CNN, abc, MSNBC, NYT, etc. are scum media stations, but they were at least consistent. FOX on the other hand are deceitful and corrupt. I suppose they will now have to get rid of Hannity – if they have the guts. They have such few decent commentators, I don't imagine it will be long for them to fold. I personally stopped watching them the day they got rid of the real Judge.

  • Canadian Guy says:

    Putin and Trump are showing the powers to be that they are not friendly to each other, but the world knows or should know that their is no malicious intent between then. It's simply part of the same game they are playing to throw the hounds of the real scent. Both Trump and Putin have a common goal – security and peace in a world of dictators and corrupt governments. If China comes on board which they will – the puppet countries around the world will once and for all be put in their place.

  • katz person says:

    Will they fly right over the US next time? Russia will keep pushing. Mabe they'll fly over Colorado.

  • holy smokes says:

    This guys a dumb dumb.

  • Wendy Frank says:


  • light peace says:

    FOX is a foreign owned media source. I never liked O'Reilly but this is an obvious attempt to silence any support of Trump.

  • vrikktion says:

    So O'Reily's firing had nothing to do with him being a misogynist and serial woman abuser for decades together with his former boss Roger Ailes. It had nothing to do with the 13mln they paid in lawsuits and other lawsuits which the hid from the books from their shareholders? It had nothing to do with the dozens of current lawsuits against him? It had nothing to do with that unsolicited nasty phone call from him (that got him into trouble earlier) that got taped where he was playing with himself drunk and saying nasty shit to a female employee that wasn't even responding to him for which he also settled (it's easy to find online). No "he was saying the truth" that's why he was fired… Truth like how he was in a war… or that thing with the riot where he saved his cameraman? O'Reilly wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass.
    And the man he's defending has got more sexual harassment lawsuits running against him than O'Reilly has and has settled even more…

    And you sir are just as disgusting as they are for defending them…

  • CzarPeppers says:

    Russia has been doing this since Bush was in office almost 20 years ago, it is hardly breaking news.

    I know you're desperate for the end of the world and all, but come on.

  • Diane Myers says:

    Kimberly Guilfoyle. Love her on Fox!

  • Bodean Digs says:

    25 miles is International Waters. Why do people continue to try and raise fear over Russia? Stop with the nonsense please!

  • axenos2004 says:

    It's probably just a political movement, that way they can add another trillion dollars to building more military equipment etc.😖😏 Just kick back and go about your daily business. It's in gods hands🙌🏻

  • Jack Vai says:

    next time they pull this crap, we should vaporize Moscow…just for a haze…we're still buds…yeah?

  • Jack Vai says:

    shouldn't they be buzzing NK

  • UC Fit says:

    Seems we're in the midst of an exposition endeavour. Competitive exposing.

  • UC Fit says:

    You've found your sarca-balance.

  • kv9988 says:

    This stuff is a distraction while many states are passing bills to force us to get vaccinations. Check out your state to see what their trying to pass.

  • willard fillmore says:

    We should have shot them out of the air!!

  • Truth is Forever says:

    The MAIN MEN defending President Trump is Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity.

  • Toxic Sweat Productions says:

    You would be surprised at how many Russian Submarines there are legally just off our coast. 
    -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia-
    ****Territorial waters or a territorial sea as defined by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, is a belt of coastal waters extending at most 12 nautical miles (22.2 km; 13.8 mi) from the baseline (usually the mean low-water mark) of a coastal state.****

  • Norman Czerski says:

    F106s from Paine Fld Washington downed TUs over the Bearing Straits in 1967. This discouraged the Soviets from over-flying Alaska for a long time. The Tus could fly higher than the 102s then stationed in Alaska. Pain Fld sent 106s to King Salmon to take care of the matter.

  • Valerie Seder says:

    They have you muted I watch all your shows and love the information you give
    God Bless you and your family

  • John Pittman says:

    He should go to OAN NEW's .

  • love love says:

    there is no humble president there is no love in the world and all the humanity is brain game all negative energy to the world we will face disturbing times horrible times I wish the best free your soul from the enemies and wait for Jesus to help us

  • DE Lady says:

    This whole smear campaign on Bill is Because of Soros. That man is behind everything bad in this country. Somebody please get rid of this evil man and his sick children!!!!

  • Sovrin says:

    The Russian border is only 100 miles from Alaska. Just saying.

  • Rose hdz says:

    I don't even watch the new anymore. Sad

  • THX 1138 says:

    Jim, thank you for posting your videos. It'a always fun to see you stumble through sentences and mangle words.

    God bless!

  • Patrick Shinkle says:

    *@Jim Beckwith

  • burning ghetto says:

    Propeller driven bombers only scare silly people that do not realize how easy it is to take them out.

  • LastStitch says:

    Putin And Russia Has And Will Never Scare Me And If They Nuke America I Will Never Blame Putin Or Russians For Doing So …After All The Hell The NWO has Done To Syria And Russia With ISIS raiding Syria Because Of Israel and America ,France ,Britain and Turkey …Surly After What I seen Over Syria If i Was Russia I Would Be Nuking All The Country's Listed In Wikileaks Off Clinton's Computer

  • Patrick Shinkle says:

    @ Jim Neck with, Russia is having flights over US from April 15- 22 or so, then over Canada for a week. Watch Daboo77 for this update several days ago. It is an annual thing they've doing for years. FYI, relax, they 're probably sending the bombers just to let their guys here know their country has their back under these stressful days, so they don't worry. Take a deep breath!

  • SissCo Kids says:

    Propellers are not moving. It is a hallogram, not real.

  • Allan Zielinski says:

    another wannabe bs fake news

  • HarekYarifind says:

    "The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. They’re right around. I’ve seen Russian soldiers." as one madman sad before committing suicide attempt.

  • noneuno53 says:

    i hope info wars can hare hire the real journalists that will die for the truth.

    thanks for your time in this video.

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