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HONOLULU –A U.S. Navy sailor is under fire after refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Janaye Ervin, a reservist stationed at Pearl Harbor, took to Facebook to explain why she is following the hundreds of people across the country who have protested racial injustices during the national anthem.

“I made the conscious decision to not stand for the Star Spangled Banner because I feel like a hypocrite, singing about land of the free when, I know that only applies to some Americans”, Ervin said. “I will gladly stand again, when ALL AMERICANS are afforded the same freedom.”

Ervin goes on to explain her actions have led the Navy to stripping her of her security clearance and threatening her with jail time, Fox News reports.

According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, troops who don’t stand for the national anthem could face prosecution for directly violating Article 92, which states troops can be punished for failing to obey any general order.

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  • emconite gamez says:

    She's an IS wow.

  • twnturbo2 says:

    do you feel like a hypocrite enjoying the freedoms of a land you say isn't for you

  • HazeHog Hendrix says:

    I hope they jailed that piece of shit.

  • Ernest Turnage says:

    Bitch needs her ass beat and a Big Chicken Dinner.

  • Ben Dova says:

    this disrespectful piece of shit. let me find out she talks about serving her country ever. how do you live with yourself when you disrespect the flag of the same country you took an oath to protect. Yeah, showing so much respect to a flag seems weird but that flag is a symbol of your country. disgracing or disrespecting the flag is disgracing your country in effigy. she talks about how there was a whole third stanza in the anthem thay glorifies slavery which was removed. That was way before she was even born? what does she expect. $10k in compensation money for being born black? Racism is in the countries past. every country has a few dark moments in its past but they improved. and so has America and we continue to improve and evolve. this girls a failure as a sailor. shame on her and anyone else who agrees.

  • Dennis Wrona says:

    30 days confinement on bread and water. Forfeiture of 1 months pay and reduction in
    pay grade.

  • biker says:

    you are in the military you are under orders to stand…you just disobeyed a lawful command .

  • Shamrock Rancher says:

    Always blacks.

    Should go back to Africa where they can be nobody's.

  • Ali Bacon says:

    she's still black she joined for a better chance at life salute you

  • Noah Baker says:

    You know the one thing that pisses me off is that when people join the military you sign off your rights as a civilian you are now in the military and you do not use your civilian rights to sit during the national anthem which represents all Americans not just some. This woman is an absolute disgrace. She decided to join the military and sign off on a civilian rights to serve this country and what does she do she sits during the national anthem what she was stationed in Pearl Harbor and she said I feel like a hypocrite because it only stands for some Americans. If you want to join the military you will stand for that national anthem every single football game baseball game basketball game it doesn't matter where you are or what you do you still have to stand for the national anthem because there are men and women out there who fight for this country and fight for that flag what do you do you sit during the national anthem that is not acceptable. this all started with Colin Capernick when he decided not to stand for the national anthem because he says the American flag represents racism. I may not be in the military but I stand for that national anthem every single time it's on TV if it's during a football game or any kind of sport event. Someday I will join the military I will fight for this country and I will fight for that flag that represents our freedom. And furthermore I will not ever ever sit down for that national anthem no matter what.

  • Janerio West says:

    I don't blame her for what she did and I'm not standing for this faggot ass anthem myself I will stand for the Canadian national anthem way before u.s. national anthem

  • Jay Couto says:

    If I am a pizza delivery person and I think that pizzas are bad for me and decide not to deliver them, do I get fired?

  • ht8r22 says:

    What a cunt

  • TxTheHulkTx says:

    You can tell she has not a lick of education. She is taking the constitution out of context and is lying about history that she saw on a blog written by someone who isn't a liable source. Also she has yet to understand her oaths and general orders she took in basic.

  • Al "Wolfy" Schilde says:

    You stupid little anus. The people who died for the that flag to protect your freedoms are dead now. So you should stand because of the sacrifices they made so you have those choices. It's not really about the flag you moron, it is you showing honor that you appreciate the fact that they gave their lives for you. I like the way you show your appreciation by cowering in the shadows, for what they have sacrificed for you. You are at an Academy or school and you should be booted out like yesterday.

  • david phelan says:


  • david phelan says:

    yes someone can judge you NJP C/O

  • david phelan says:

    just another nigger bitch in the navy thats a worthless fuck

  • Rude Culture says:

    I'm in the military , this bitch is dumb as fuck, I don't even care about her not standing for colors, you don't wanna stand? Whatever then don't…what I have an issue with is she's obviously just doing this to look cool, or say "hey look at me I'm so woke ,I'm such a badass" it's like do your research because you are nothing but a follower and now your career is ruined because you wanted to look cool….ps I support kaepernick

  • Jesus Reigns says:

    those headphones around her neck came from the very country that she despises and the money to by them

  • Trina Dee says:

    So let me understand this. She gets to join the military to be ready to defend our Constitution and freedom, but she herself don't get to apply it? Fuck that hypocritical bullshit. God bless her and i am proud she took a stand.

  • Stephanie Hicks says:

    When you don't believe in the USA go to another country nobody will hold you back. Why is she serving for this country?

  • James R says:

    Wrong! Disrespect to the National Colors is covered under the Uniform Code of Justice.You are no longer a citizen and you will have a commander and chief who won't tolerate that nonsense come January. The problems is this is the new faggety
    soft navy. You joined the Navy and that's what is required of you, and the should put your ass out if you don't want to follow the regulations.

  • Gegreen Green says:

    none of these sjw and stupid niggers understand what that flag represents. If I were there and I saw that, I don't care if I received a summary court martial and prison time I would stomp the fucking shit out of you. wow are you totally wrong about that crappie you say was taken out of the Anthem, show it to me. Also you say you don't care about getting caught, you would be crying like a bitch. wow listen to the song that you are playing, you should do your research on thay.

  • VinessaGaming says:

    So let me get this straight you don't give a fuck about anyone's opinions, yet believe your parents would be proud?? So which is it? Also you sat there literally shitting bricks hoping you didn't get caught and still shaking after. YOU knew what you were doing was wrong, how can you put on that uniform look at yourself in the mirror and be ok with yourself? Granted God forbid you were Kia do you believe your parents wouldn't have accepted that flag on behave of a grateful nation? Because we are the home of the brave yet those 45 seconds of protest you just showed was the complete opposite there was nothing brave about it!! I hope that 45 seconds was meaningful enough because I'm sure it just cost your career and your looking at jail time. Yeah real brave…

  • Andrew says:

    Send her bitchass to Syria

  • Thomas Trant says:

    Bunch of racists up in the comments. She should have read her Navy Regs. and her UCMJ before spouting about her rights. You don't protest while in the military. The can boot you out of the military anytime they want. It's called Conduct Unbecoming. It's a catch all.


    she should be I'm a veteran and combat vet from the Army and Marine Corps her f**** ass should be thrown in jail,, everybody and their mother knows I don't care what they say or if you're driving your car you're supposed to stop and get out everything stops for that she knows better,, and I guarantee you if they talk about giving her jail time for throwing her out she'll be crying like a b**

  • Jaye Marie says:

    she shouldve brushed up on that contract that she signed when she joined the military! I'm all for freedom of speech and protesting and BLM, but when you sign that military contract it clearly states that you are now government property. smh

  • Ayo alpaca says:

    wait, that wasn't even Pearl Harbor. she wasn't even in uniform. ??

  • e mac says:

    I commend her

  • heavygiant says:

    send m back to afrika protest over there

  • Theo Baudry says:

    This isnt in Hawaii… This is in FL

  • David P12 says:

    The US government and the UCMJ is a FUCKING JOKE!!!

  • Fergus MacDhai says:

    Lack that bitch up!

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