Argentinian navy releases video of search for missing submarine

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A vast search by a multinational taskforce for an Argentinian submarine that went missing in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members four days ago has failed to provide details of its possible location. A total of 13 ships and six aeroplanes are braving strong winds and high waves over an area of 66,000 sq km (25,500 sq miles) more than 400 km (250 miles) east of the bay of San Jorge off the coast of Patagonia in southern Argentina. Argentina’s navy said it was not sure what had happened to the submarine but said it was now convinced the ship was beneath the surface and not adrift on choppy seas, as was previously thought
Search for missing Argentinian submarine fails to find any clues

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  • Reply
    November 20, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    wow it looks so scary … I hope they find the missing submarine ! … such bravery !

  • Reply
    Ingolf Stern
    November 20, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    there is a slow speed (reduced playback rate) voice in the video background although the video appears to be playing at the correct speed. wtf?

  • Reply
    November 21, 2017 at 12:10 am

    Dale boca!!!!!

  • Reply
    November 21, 2017 at 7:10 am

    that's called ground to air skip .. is any one asking the correct questions yet … … what course were they on . where is the record of their last deployment .. where were they heading do you know there last heading … do you have some records for me to judge and DR track them … I am one of the best in the world .. Flag ship QM special ops … …. take their avg depth and course known from there last 3 outings and you will most likely find them with in a few hours ….this sub is based on a set of logical abilities . it can cover so far in so many days or hours ….and their course is a matter of currents and heading ,depth and speed ….Argentinian we need some back ground data if you want this sub back post the data I will try  DR tracking and remote viewing and see if I can locate the area they are in now … you should do a test on radio frequency go out to their last known and do your test run their course for 3 days beyond their normal distances then come back to wards home port .. why … simple if something went wrong bad enough the captain turned around this tell us where he is , if the sub had a steering problem he could have surfaced … but in rough water this is easier said then done … in a sub that is …  he is within 300 miles of the coast line … he has to be at a depth just beyond radio depth …this means two things he is in under a main ocean current  or he is in a rocky mt range area where the radio can not reach the surface …. or he has hit something in the water and damaged the sub radio gear …,look between 200 -300 miles out …. turn at 300 miles and come back toward his port .. you will find them in that area maybe 285-270 miles out of port …. just out of range and off the shelve …he has to be just off the shelve for the radio to not work if the sub is on its side or pointed noise upward the radio will not transmit any real distances …. I am sorry to say this … but I talk data not feelings .. the shelve is 300 miles .. the rest of the inner shelve is only 285 feet depth .. that sub is off the shelve and that's 16,000 ft depth drop sound gear if they are still active ,there are some places in that area that drop to depths of 1200-3000 feet …or more they could still be on the upper edge of the shelve if that's the case you only got so much time to locate them … , try this .. sound boys along the edge of the shelve .. if I am correct he may have realized something was wrong and headed back over the shelve before he lost it …  this could put the sub some where between the edge of the shelve and say the 270 miles ,so I am correct they are still active they are on the edge of the shelve and the currency could be blocking the radio gear .. drop the sound gear 30-40 miles from the edge of the shelve you will find them I feel they are still alive …  if this captain was worth his salt he would not have risk going off the shelve till he was sure the sub was sound …. they have to be right on the edge of the shelve … Ok I ran a few possibilities DR . go to the port he left from  the outer port opening track 300 miles out away from port then draw a line 90 degrees with the center crossing the out and way line . draw that line 300 miles .150 south and 150 north a long the shelve .. then draw another line 40 miles in par ell to the base triangle  line .. the sub is most likely down with in the 40 NM by 300 NM area ,split the difference . 25 miles . so your grid is 40 NM from the edge inward toward the main land .. from the cross line come back 25 NM …  along that line drop your sound boys 25 NM in land from the edge of the shelve . he is there !…

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