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Are We Closer To A Nuclear Armed Saudi Arabia?

One likely Saudi Arabian response to the deal its biggest enemy Iran has struck with world powers is to accelerate its own nuclear power plans, creating an atomic infrastructure it could, one day, seek to weaponize…

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Clip from the Friday, July 24th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  • Taimoor Abdullah says:


  • Taimoor Abdullah says:


  • Saudi 1996 says:

    Really we are stupid ! We should support china and north Korea at least they asians

  • fares alfares says:

    Saudi Arabia peaceful country

  • M. Alnafjan says:

    Saudi Arabia already has a nuke. They just exaggerate the issue to prevent Iran from owning one…

  • M. Alnafjan says:

    I am more concerned about the US having Nukes, giving its history of using it not only once but twice

  • Waleed Alrabghi says:

    Maan shut up

  • Ayman Talla says:

    Stop ignorance , Israel terrorism country they have nuclear bomb and killing innocent palestine people with all type of waepone against poor people there just fightinging with rock !!!!!!!! U didnt see whats happen or u cant judge cuz u are cower , israel your baby all in Us , so on iran killing syrian citizen with iraq population no body in fucking UN say stop cuz veto of russia !!!!
    Finally pakistan our friend we had the bomb 4 years ago if u dont know go paly dimocresy around the breaking world then do evaluation what u wanna

  • Hardned says:

    hey guy more tha Have of sharia law is in ur country law and and europe eve germany in their Main Court have saying of prophet muhammed if you dont know sharia law dont talk about its way more merciful then the laws in ur bible which no country go by the law of the bible unlike the Quran

  • Munj munjo says:

    Ok, listen and read this carefully if you wanna know what will happen. This whole joke of US upsetting Israel is just BS and we all know it, the US is Israel's bulldog. This is a script written to push saudis into war with iran and saudis will have their nucs soon and provided by israel. A war in iraq I expect to happen in iraq but the result will be saudi arabia becoming 2 states, one ISIS and the other sheia. It is an endless war funded by americans all for the sake of israel, screwing the middle east and ruin and wosen the life of million for the sake giving legitimacy to occupiers and muderers and by criminalisation those who defend their own land! Such double standards hypocrisy at its best..its ginna be like big chain of events soon in the whole world, give it 10 years max. 

  • kjdrummer776 says:

    The Saudis aren't stupid.  They aren't relying on "Republican propaganda" for their foreign policy.  If they get a bomb, it will be because they perceive that either a fully nuclear or even potentially nuclear Iran is a clear and present enough danger to warrant mutually assured destruction.  This guy is spouting the kind of true misinformation that makes the left seem completely naive in world affairs.

  • Go away Google says:

    I don't know if the Saudi's are dumb enough to really believe that Iran could/ is getting a nuclear weapon. Seems like they are just taking advantage of republican hysterics to make a power grab. 

  • David Myers says:

    what kind of ego does this guy have the Arabian i mean he has a big picture of his self  behind him funny.

  • Jebediah *Rotting Millenial* Hershberger says:

    Dude where did you get that suit? Its very fine…Who finances you…I luv you dude i know you are a real communist deep within…Together we will conduct the revolution and overthrow capitalist pigs…

  • Ben Unru says:

    Good thing liberals have spun the lie of islam is the religion of peace. It's a good thing we believed muslim propoganda.

  • Ben Unru says:

    Good job libtards

  • salwa th says:

    the US has nuclear weapons, and they've used it, but of course nobody saying anything about that, and who're you to talk about human rights, you have a literally bloody history

  • Dat Guy says:

    At this point let all the middle eastern countries get one and they can use them on each other and that will bring humanity closer to peace. No more islamic terrorism funding by rich oil shieks. 

  • AliPapa says:

    Yeah I see no problem Saudis go nuclear providing clean energy for their people. Why the monopoly?!

  • Seán O'Nilbud says:

    The Saudis were given nukes by Pakistan.

  • BabyBang17datruth says:

    So all the main geopolitical rivals will have nukes: US and Russia, India and Pakistan, and now Iran and Saudi Arabia. What a wonderful world we live in.

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