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Air Force solves F-22 oxygen supply mystery?

As “60 Minutes” first revealed, pilots of the Air Force’s F-22 warplane have complained of low oxygen problems. David Martin experiences some of the training that pilots undergo and how investigators are confident they have found a solution.

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  • Cole Tanner says:

    The fact is because of our screwed up military contract system, the vest wasn't able to be replaced or fixed quickly. This is what's wrong with the US Gov..they had to cancel the wearing of the vest altogether. It didn't pass inspection because of quality control, it passed inspection because of corrupution and military bribery to make sure that company got the contract for the vests. Pathetic. Hope Trump changes this.

  • Blake Mosley says:

    what's better about this jet than the f-15 f-16 f-18 like is it faster better weapons more agility I want to know

  • Batter Up says:


  • Robincio Geroca says:

    I'm sure the Russians have the same problems we don't know about!

  • Jack Jones says:

    So, it's not the airplane that has any flaws, but the decompression vests that keep it flying well below its design limits. Seems they could use the vests F15 or F18 pilots use.

  • willy _pet says:

    LOve it

  • mrwong11989 says:

    Solved its oxygen issue? Yay this made the F-22 better and safer for our pilots to fly in

  • Fifty0ne says:

    This is a shining example of why the old-generation F15/F16/F18 fighters are all still amazing aircraft that still perform excellently by today's standards. They just "work" and they perform to the level we need them to. The only issue that sometimes crops up is the hazardous use of Hydrazine for the F16's EPU(Emergency Power Unit). Hydrazine is deadly shit if over-exposed. The EPU basically provides power to the electronics and hydraulics should a failure occur and the F16's single engine cannot provide the power to those systems. There are rigorous safety measures in place in case the EPU needs to be fired, especially if it happens on the ground during a take-off roll, etc.

    I think it's also why you almost never see F16 pilots flying without their O2 mask on, even below 10,000 feet where additional oxygen wouldn't be required. I could be wrong on that so if anyone who has real-word experience with the viper would like to correct me on that feel free.

  • daveyl123 says:

    Why the heck do handles have to be pulled for emergency oxygen? There used to be a panel for that system, with a toggle switch that was labeled appropriately.  The chute also has an emergency oxygen system in the form of a bottle, which is equipped with a ball/cable activation for ejections above breathable altitudes.  This aircraft is such a vindication of Eisenhower's farewell speech admonition, they might rename it the "Dwight Fighter".

  • SquirrelFromGradLife says:

    How hard can it be to install an oxygen censor to test if the oxygen supply fails in maneuvers or the cause is to much g-force.

  • Michelle Sullivan says:

    I am curious to know since all of the air crafts armament is internal what if any effect that has on the quality of oxygen. Basically put every thing off gases. Like a brand new carpet in a room that can be smelled for weeks or a fresh coat of paint in a room where the odor lingers for weeks. If the armament is internal how and where are the contents of those weapons off gassing?

  • Dr. Love 1987 says:

    Col. Kevin Robbins was 2006-2007 team leader for the T-Birds.

  • jhon doe says:

    Use an AI pilot that doesn't need oxygen problem solved

  • Prranjal Shrivaastav says:

    U are confident that u have found the problem "I'm" and the solution "i'm".. The look on his face "I am praying that u ain't Dr. Cal Lightman"

  • drunk mike says:

    Could it be that many pilots can't handle the capabilities of the f22 I mean 9Gs is easy for the f22 fuck me.

  • Mr2013GT says:

    They're saying the combat edge vest was an issue. Read between the lines. You'll find that the aircrafts capabilities exceed human capabilities, which is why many pilots are refusing to fly them.

    However, as of 1999, no airman, soldier, sailor or marine has lost his/her life to enemy aircraft in the last 40 years. I wish we had that mess to worry about in WWII.

    You know what's a blow to taxpayers? Obamacare. I'm paying $100 more per month for medicare, when I already have tri-care.

  • BGoldtone says:

    "Step right up ladies and gentlemen to the most expensive amusement park ride in history"! The only problem is you might not come out of this roller coaster ride alive. What a joke. Millions of dollars in tax payers subsidies for a military fighter jet that can't be trusted. Welcome to the new era of high priced military garbage that doesn't work courtesy of the sucker American taxpayers. If we had this mess to worry about back in WW11 we would certainly have lost that war for sure.

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