A Rare Look Inside A Marine Combat Training Camp At Camp Lejeune | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Over the summer, Megyn Kelly got a rare look inside Marine combat training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. There she joined recruits in rising before dawn for a 5K hike, breakfasting in the mess hall and tackling an obstacle course. “We have each other’s back,” one recruit tells her.
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A Rare Look Inside A Marine Boot Camp At Camp Lejeune | Megyn Kelly TODAY

8 thoughts on “A Rare Look Inside A Marine Combat Training Camp At Camp Lejeune | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. Mythology v. Reality

    Myth: No difference between men and Women
    Reality: Yes, a very few number of women can meet the bare minimum standards set for combat arms Marines, but to barely pass is not worthy of commendation. Male Marines who barely pass are universally acknowledged to be shitbirds. Try to hold a female to such a qualitative standard will get someone fired (career over) but rarely will it be the WM who is scrutinized against a single standard.

  2. This kind of makes me roll my eyes. MCT is just another job. Like… it's 4 week entry level job training. And it's not that hard or remarkable.

  3. Correct your Title and information of this segment — Marine Boot Camp is not At Camp Lejeune Megyn. That was a part of Combat Training school that comes after Boot camp it is NOT ANY PART OF BOOT CAMP which is for recruits that are earning their title as a Marine — Parris Island and San Diego is were the true GRIT of a Marine is Forged and The Title of a Marine is Earned !!! You were way off on this post title — When speaking of our Marines you need to get your information Correct — you should be ashamed of yourself for getting this so wrong !!! From a Proud Mother of Marines and spouse of a Marine — Blue Star Family and Proud !!!

  4. Megyn this daytime thing I´m not feeling it. I really like you more doing politics, at night, with a straight face, asking hard questions. The Maddow show is good too but there were not another girl like you on that business.

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