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A bullet attachment that could save lives?

It looks like a toy attachment for a gun, but this new device is intended to give suspects a chance to live if shot. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports. More from CNN at

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  • James Hindley says:

    This made me sick "considering the outcry about saving lives. >>EVEN<< lives of people your trying to apprehend" — Yes,,, EVEN THEM. You fuckwit. Urgh.

  • Shooter Ready says:

    The adversary is still a threat until he/she is down completely.

  • Adam Smith says:

    good idea

  • Base 330 Films says:

    The comments in a nutshell for those who don't wanna read it all:

    "Brown was innocent!" "Brown was guilty!""Cops should kill""Cops are evil monsters!""Blacks are evil!""That thing looks like it hurts!" "Random sexual comment!" "Random anti-semitic comment!" "I hate cops!" "I love cops!"

  • Enlightened Luciferian Prince says:

    That's gonna
    really break ribs…

  • heydud11 says:

    just one shot of a live pistol? I still think a taser is a better idea then just one shot just in case

  • devwreck127 says:

    Stupid idea. Don't point your gun at anything you're not willing to destroy. Also, in a life-threatening situation, you'll probably put your hand directly in front of the barrel trying to attach this thing and have your finger on the trigger at the same time, possibly putting a bullet through your hand instead of the threat.

  • Григорий Дубров says:

    1:09 after 9 years of development quote reminds me a tf2 meme

  • Alpha says:

    just shoot then in the leg …… oh wait that requires to aim

  • Kenny Glenn says:

    How about no. Hahahahahaha

  • yui907 says:

    This is old, old news.

  • Locutis9 says:

    I bet getting nailed with one of these fucking huuurts!

  • User8571 says:

    I'm a supporter of second amendment rights but, I'm going to play devil's advocate here for a moment.

    This device is obviously one of those pieces of equipment that's not going to be useful in every situation. However, much like another popular less-lethal device, the Tazer, I can see this being used in many situations to save the life of a suspect who would otherwise have given LEO's little choice beyond pumping a couple rounds in 'em. After all, departments don't issue firearms so their officers can summarily dispatch suspects. Because, even the worst of those suspects is still allowed their day in court so that all the facts may be presented before any hasty decisions are made about their fate.

    Let's say you were injected against your will with a drug which caused you to lose your mind and go on a rampage with a chef's knife because everyone around you appeared to be a monster attempting to eat you alive… or whatever junkies hallucinate. If we were to turn back the firearms evolutionary clock a few decades, you'd likely be dead and buried long before the truth was, if ever, discovered.

    Now, same scenario as above but, this time officers are able to take you down safely using less lethal implements. You might wake up a little sore with a broken rib or some other survivable injury but, you'd live to warn the community about what happened and to be on alert and hopefully be released to see your family again upon conclusion of an investigation.

    Granted, that's probably the rarest of scenarios but, how many times have people been saved by these devices already? Personally, I feel the vast majority of the wastes-of-life who prompt LEO's to draw their firearms are better off dead anyway. They nearly always turn out to have a history that was leading them to an early grave one way or another.

    That said, it's the few suspects who truly are good people just having a really bad day that give officers a reason to lug these sorts of devices around all day. I mean, when you look at a police officers typical duty belt, there isn't much real-estate there to begin with. The amount of equipment they carry now is ridiculous and quite cumbersome. The traditional less-lethal tools like the billy club or night stick have been completely phased out because there wouldn't be any space for them even if a officer wanted to carry one. If they did carry them now, the collection of other items they have to carry create a very physically restricting environment that is not conducive to close quarters combat.

    So, with less-lethal weapons being limited to only a few truly street ready options, the need for officers to still have capability to act quickly to protect the lives of others and their own right to go home at the end of the day, I welcome any promising new technology.

    We've all seen many standoffs on the evening news or other media and those are only a fraction of how many actually take place on a regular basis. Often times there's easily a three-second window where a device like this could be quickly deployed and bring a safe end to a dangerous situation. That's the problem with the Tazer, it's a gamble. If it doesn't work, there's usually little to no time quickly switch weapons. With something like this, your backup plan is ready to go as soon as you re-acquire your sight picture.

  • Sveta Djordjevic says:

    yea and if the target has some armor it could not do damage or even bounce off because it s round

  • M3M3L0RD says:

    talks about bullet that can save lives

    Proceeded to say it can kill people easily.

  • Cormier 7R says:

    what a shitty idea 😂

  • Mech-a-Sandwich says:

    "After 9 years of development" …that sounds very familiar.

  • Cannon Fodder says:

    Your last chance is when they say "Put the knife down! Last chance!"
    Yeah. Don't piss cops off.

  • Billy Hines says:

    Really CNN. Stop saying a cop shoot an unarmed teenager and tell the whole story. You are pathetic.

  • Rheily Garcia says:

    CNN is a damn waistband.

  • IM_ GraVity says:

    what if the person get shot in the head with a metal ball

  • No Use For A Name says:

    Michael Brown was a POS

  • Matthew Robbins says:

    fake news

  • c3pfett says:

    Yes, THAT Ferguson. The one where a thug tried to beat a police officer and steal his weapon.

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