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72 Years After Bombing Nagasaki, US Threatens Another Nuclear War

The Real News examines the myth that using nuclear weapons on civilian populations was necessary to force Japan to surrender

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  • Frank Herrera says:

    "U.S threatens"? Where has this ostrich been hiding his head? Time to leave Mama's basement.

  • Ace King says:

    President Trump is Awesome 2020

  • Ace King says:

    Bomb the fuck out of kimchi country

  • Edgar Valentin Flückiger says:

    US criminal Country over the World. psychopath trump ready for psychic Hospital or Jail.

  • Alonzo Garza says:

    Trump Gots balls

  • xavier jr mirasol says:

    This is what we call real news i salute you i hate to watch gonews, trumpdays, and other manipulative news that promote the empire of elite jewish state of america

  • adam petty says:

    trump is a madman

  • TheSergio944 says:

    Real news is fake news. Trump never said anything about nuclear weapons. You all are sensationalistic shitheads.

  • Brian Booker says:

    Welcome to the three hundred year old con, welcome to my world. I remember as a kid the teenagers in the neighborhood protesting for equal rights and a year later seeing the same teenagers nodding out from Heroin that was everywhere, I remember the articles about poor black communities waking up finding trucks full of automatic weapons and I saw firsthand the Crack-Heads that were hooked on the Cocaine that Reagan dumped in the neighborhood as part of the Iran-Contra scam. Truman replaced Henry Wallace because he was good for business and it’s all about the Corporation. It hurts to find out you are nothing more than excess labor but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s all about the business. What this country is doing to it’s youth is unconscionable, they can work at Amazon as a junior stacker and live in their parents basement, go to college get a job at Amazon as a senior stacker and live in their parents basement or join the army come back home with PTS and live in their parents basement. Then there are those few young adults whose parents have enough assets that they can contemplate extinction debt free. It’s part of the executives of the corporation fiduciary duty to maximize profits so it should not surprise anyone that our president is threatening to nuke N. Korea. The corporation is bankrupt and will do whatever it deems necessary to try and save it. It’s that time, the con has been exposed, we may not have the will to choose life but I’m not so sure the rest of the world feels the same way. Tag we are all it.

  • Lila W says:

    This government does NOT represent me. This administration is literally retarded.

  • Carl Capps says:

    If you cannot defend yourself or have some one else doit for you run and hide sheep.

  • Tomas Candelaria says:

    This guy is full of shit! You rather get hit first idiot!

  • Yuri muckraker says:

    Sadly even after WWII the US used nuclear weapons on the Marshall Islands, The UK bombed a part of Australia to test theres while the Australians failed to tell them there where Aborigines living there, and the US has used chemical weapons in Southeast Asia and depleted uranium on Iraq, Kosovo/Serbia, as well as white phorsophourus when it reinvaded Iraq. And despite the gruesome photos and all available evidence of existence as know it ending and the terrible effects of this kind of weaponry people like Jeremy Corbyn are scorned and ridiculed and people like Gough Whitlam are sacked from their jobs. Not to mention the warmongering of the US towards China with the Pivot to Asia, and our fives minutes to midnight proxy war with Russia.

  • Scott D says:

    moron pathetic liberal trash title you suck goat cock boy who has been fucking threatening whom idiot grow the fuck up If Moe launches on Guam theirs going to be a large Korean BBQ to the north GFY''s liberals

  • MoonSeven 7 says:

    There are no winners in war.

  • healthhavencom says:

    Hiro and Naga were firebombed. Just like Tokyo.

    All three are thriving cities today. With normal healthy populations.

    Nukes are FAKE. Do your research.

  • kidat zee says:

    lil kim is the one starting threats with japan and south korea

  • Sasha Navruzov says:

    Trump learned from the Syria cruise missile strike that if he launches an act of war, the ENTIRE political establishment and MSM, even his most bitter detractors, will rally behind him. When Dubya came to power, those in the establishment stopped protesting the second the twin towers came down, rallying behind him in the war of terror. Kennedy launched the Bay of Pigs invasion, in part, to prove to dectractors he wasn't soft on communism. Bush senior shook his reputation of being a wimp by invading Panana. Similarly, Trump learned that acts of war can take attention away from his various scandals with war. The sad thing is that one of the only things that unites the US political system is WAR. If Trump starts a war with NK, the political establishment will enthusiastically rally behind the wartime commander in chief. Just as they always have.

  • BIGWORLD0074 says:

    You want to fight for murica then stop chasing your daughters around the room or trailer home for sex. go fight trumps war you dumb hicks now's your chance 😂

  • BIGWORLD0074 says:

    Amerikkka will strike first you'll see. I've seen this movie before.

  • BIGWORLD0074 says:

    Amerikkka importing democracy what did you expect? Kim just doesn't want to be the next Hiroshima or Nagasaki I can't fault the guy.

  • Real UFO Videos says:

    Duck and cover! You live? You lose!
    Trump needs therapy, and 20 years hard labor.

  • poohORpoe says:

    I see our Narcissist in chief is a smidge more ballsy when he has nukes instead of dodging the draft millions at his disposal.

  • Tango Delta 2 says:

    The Deep State media has backed, Trump into a corner. They are blowing up the NK nuclear threat into massive proportions trying to force, Trump to make a move on them, then when he does, they will blame him for the fallout. The US media is public enemy number 1.

  • whendric so says:

    The government no longer represents the people.

  • Surud Patel says:

    It seems that the World and US have not had enough fill of the Nuclear medicine. Rather than keep their Bullhorns at full blast they need to F the hell up and get down to a better way forward. Mature minds should prevail and we do not need a repeat performance from the US in the likes of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

  • El John says:

    What a great and courageous president, watch how he will bravely and presidentially send your children to die in pointless wars while his own enjoy wealth and privilege it's even hard to fantasize about.

  • TheUnatuber says:

    Yes, it was a message to the Russians. But it was also a message to the Brits: "You don't run this world anymore; we do!"

  • isittruenews 2 says:

    people don't want war the Jews do people call them Zionist. The arrest of Soros Rockefeller Rothschilds Gates Duponts Oppenheimers n their followers this war mongering wld be over

  • CrunchyNorbert says:

    uh….. Cuban missile crisis? That was def con 2 now we're at def con 5. Do some real research please.

  • Lucy Leo says:

    This Channel sides with genocidal dictatorship regimes and needs to be shutdown by the Fed's

  • Moussaoui Ahmed says:


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