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56 Daesh terrorists killed, 2 more districts liberated in al-Bab, military says

Daesh terrorists have been killed by airstrikes and shelling in northern Syria’s al-Bab over the last 24 hours, as part of Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield, which is in its final stage to clear terrorists off the town, the military said on Thursday.

A total of 90 terrorist positions have been shelled by the Turkish military, destroying hideouts, defense positions, command control centers, weapons and vehicles. Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters have gained control over two more districts, the military said.

Turkish airstrikes also destroyed 14 positions, including 12 buildings used as hideouts, a tunnel and a bomb-laden vehicle used by the terrorists, the military added.

Military sources noted that some of the terrorists killed in the operation include the ones who were dispatched from Tadif to support Daesh in al-Bab and those who were hiding in tunnels and destroyed buildings.

Meanwhile, airstrikes by the U.S.-backed coalition also killed 11 terrorists and destroyed a bomb-laden vehicle.

The Turkish military continues to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of civilians in the area, the statement added.

The Turkish army is supporting Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters in liberating al-Bab, a strategic city for Daesh, from the terrorist group. Thursday marks the 184th day since the city was surrounded in order to liberate it.

The military action is part of the Turkish-led Operation Euphrates Shield, which began in late August to improve security, support coalition forces, and eliminate the terror threat along Turkey’s border using FSA fighters backed by Turkish artillery and jets.

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  • Mesut says:

    Euphrates shield operations;

    Fırat Kalkanı'nda 198 DEAŞ hedefi vuruldu

    177 ISIS (DEAS) targets destroyed

    Euphrates Shield Operation Syria / El bab

    PKK shelters were destroyed. (North Iraq)

    Turkish M60T Sabra tanks- ISiD (DAES) targets are destroyed

    DEAŞ (ISİD) targets destroyed

    Destruction of DAES (İSİS) targets

    Syria / 200 PYD / YPG / PKK terrorists killed

    Turkish Armed Forces: 6 Daeş target were destroyed

    Turkish Armed Forces continued Euphrates Shield Operation


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