50 North Korean Submarines Vanish in ‘Unprecedented’ Deployment

–Over 50 North Korean submarines vanish in an “unprecedented” deployment

–On the Bonus Show: John McAfee calls the Ashley Madison hack an inside job, protesters in Houston target an Arabic immersion school, Louis has an infuriating game experience on Steam, more…

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37 thoughts on “50 North Korean Submarines Vanish in ‘Unprecedented’ Deployment”

  1. I am no suppoerter of North korean regime but you two morons, a simple search will show you N. Korea has to types of subs Yuno at 100 tons and Sogn-o at 350 tons displacement and both can fire either two( up to four in case of Song-O) torpedoes or lay mines, they are domestically built based on Yugoslavian designs of 1960s.
    And while small subs for their limited range are useless for long range missions, are potent in coastal waters. case in point is the S.Korean frigate torpedoes by a N.K sub in 2010.
    If they go into action they can sink SK navy and lay siege to its ports by laying mines, they can also attack ships of any country engaged in war on SK behalf.That doesn't mean they can't be detected and sunk but by then they have done a lot of damage.

  2. i wana say let NK pull the trigger but then i remembered that North Korea are good friends with Russia and it so happens that Russia hates us…….sooo

  3. These subs probably will be surfacing soon. That'll be a fucking hilarious thing to see. How much air can they fit into a 4 man sub? LOL!

  4. I'm pretty sure they're all WW2 antiques that can't do anything.

    But Canada only has 4 submarines. I feel kind of sad right now.

  5. Didn't we already fight a major conflict over there? So how would a new conflict help. I hope David asks Louis to explain that statement.

  6. I am sure it's nothing, N.Korea knows better then to do anything more serious then launching shells at the southern half of Korea, because if N. Korea began any major conflict that they would be wipe off the face of the earth by lunch time.

  7. I really want to blow kim jong un's top off. He's wasting a country of possibly good people who could benefiting society but nooo he brainwashes them and makes them completely ingnorant and stupid as fuck.

  8. The best thing South Korea can do is just ignore the entire existence of the north. By constantly fucking paying attention to them, they just encourage North Korea. The south needs to just say "as far as we are concerned, there is no North Korea"

  9. Maybe some of those 50 subs have portable nuclear bombs on them and when they sneak near the coast of wherever then BOOM!  I wouldn't be surprised if they stay missing…

  10. Small isn't necessarily a disadvantage when it comes to submarines.

    The nuclear propulsion systems on those big, American submarines are still relatively loud, even though the submarines are modern and highly efficient in their sound proofing and noise suppression systems.

    After all, a nuclear propulsion system still is basically just a steam engine and no matter how great the sound proofing and the isolation is, steam engines are still relatively loud compared to a diesel electric engine that runs in battery mode (without the diesel generator running).
    Also, the cooling system for the nuclear reactor needs to suck in cold water and expel the hot water, which creates noise that is almost impossible to suppress.

    So even those old, Soviet Era diesel submarines can be quieter than even the newest, most modern high tech nuclear submarine.

    That is why even the US Navy kept a few old diesel powered subs from the 50s active till relatively recently. to use them for covert Navy Seal operations.

  11. Lil Un is drinking his own Kool-Aid and has pumped himself up to believe his country's military can pull this off. I think this time it will happen.

  12. China wouldn't let them go to war anyway.  They have no interest in risking the regime falling and getting US troops as their next door neighbor on the Yalu river. It's just the "We want food and fuel, give it to us and we'll stop barking" sabre rattling tactic.

  13. With China stocks crashing daily, there not paying much attention to NK and now NK is really desperate for attention, no worries SK will give them all the attention they need by shaking hands and restore some diplomatic ties instead of acting like men, and giving them the finger, because the South Koreans are such pussies when dealing with the North Korea.


    That was said about Iraq and Afghanistan and what did it achieve?

  15. This story showed up on my youtube feed at pretty much the same time as an updated Vice article saying "They have found them again" …

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