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5 Russia’s Most Dangerous Lethal Fighter Aircraft That U.S. Should Fear

Russia is one of the most powerful and strongest country of air defense. Russia has produced some formidable aircraft over the years. Russian aircraft often is an attractive, cheaper alternative to purchasing planes from the United States or European powers.

This Video will show five of the most dangerous ones.
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  • catty gaming says:

    warthunder music lol

  • Bulat Shakirov says:

    1. Incomplete observe: did not find su 30 in this video. It is more agile than su 27 and in service. 2. Stop utilizing narrative that western equipment has been ALWAYS more complex and advanced. Some Russian and Soviet items have been more advanced and reliable than the western ones. All in all, guys, please, be more factual based in your videos.

  • Raymond Wockner says:

    Russia well armed with rotten cities, vodka, 1980's upgraded T-72 and su-27 (PAK FAT 50) and midget dictator who steal from citizen

  • Jerry Chin says:

    can someone tell me why does Russian aircraft have the stupid tail Combs I'm surprised that they can land or take off well hidden that stupid tail cone I like the Su Jets but get rid of that tail cone and that parachutes

  • Winghelm says:

    1) MiG-29 is worse compared to Su-27S. You make a stupid mistake of thinking that dogfighting ability is somehow crucial. It's secondary since aircraft start their fights at long ranges and it's round 1. If you win the round 1, there's no round 2 AKA dogfight. Hence long range performance in combat comes first. MiG-29 is inferior in "round 1" to Su-27S, pretty same in "round 2" (yes, MiG-29 isn't better at that), has no advantages over it besides being more affordable – it should go first as the least dangereous, or even lend its place to way more capable aircraft:

    2) You forgot Poland! JK, you forgot other prominent planes which would have way more impact than the shitty MiG-29, lol. A potent upgraded interceptor MiG-31BM (60 of those), Su-30SM/Su-30M2 (70+20 of those) that are multirole fighters with emphasis on AWACS and ECM roles while Su-30SM also has thrust-vectoring, and last but not the least prototype MiG-35 since you've included prototype T-50.

    3) Su-35S is actually in active service already since 2014 and there are 60+ of those.

  • Sonny Burnett says:

    This kind of info is simply sad.

  • Beriadan Eethrehneeon says:

    Good Job comrades.

  • PL BKM says:

    PO 2, Il 2, Pe 2, UT 2, Tu 2.!!!!! Not more.

  • jspee1965 says:

    Russian aircraft are like Russian ladies , gorgeous and FAST.

  • Tyson Wright says:

    I like the paint scheme / pattern on the Russian planes.

  • Michael Capek says:

    Russians first claimed that stealth is useless, now they are busy stealing American innovations and trying to copy them.  As usual.  And putting bunch of idiotic propaganda videos on Internet, hoping to influence gullibles.  Idiots.

  • den 000 says:

    go russia

  • Michael Capek says:

    USA AirForce will shoot all this obsolete junk in no time at all.

  • polygamous1 Sozou says:

    Since the F22 is by far the "best" why was it cancelled? after 60 billions spend to develop it? or was all the money for the benefit of the military industry above all else?

  • Conor McGregor's Pool Noodle says:

    Why should the U.S. fear Russian warplanes? American built fighter jets have vastly more kills against Soviet/Russian fighters in real combat.

  • ManilaJohn01 says:

    The combat abilities of Russian, Chinese, and American fighter aircraft are nowhere near as important as many think. This isn't the Second World War era where air superiority was vital in order to conduct sustained aerial offensive operations. Why? Because the above named nations are tier 1 opponents. By that I mean that any conflict between them will be exceedingly short- far too short for air superiority to become an issue. The conflict will either end quickly via diplomatic negotiation, or it will escalate quickly into a nuclear exchange- at which point the combat abilities of this or that aircraft will be of little relevance. Western (and presumably eastern) powers have looked at this issue for decades now, and the prevalent belief is that within 4-8 days (max) of the outbreak of conventional hostilities, nukes will be used- by either side. If it ends peacefully, it'll be over within a day or two. All that is necessary is that tier one powers' aircraft be superior to any potential third world nation (currently a non-issue). As for tier one opponents, superiority of one nations' military hardware is merely a benchmark by which improvements of another's equipment is measured. Everything else is hype.

  • ThatDutchguy says:

    PAK-FA isn't only used by Russia it's being used by India too i believe,…right ? They are co-developing the 5th gen aircraft i was led to believe.

  • D Just D says:

    I respect how the Russians designed their jets to take off from less than favorable runways. That's a design feature that should be smartly incorporated into American fighter jets.

  • supergamer93 says:

    Where is the mig-35? That is is also a very formidable enemy for the nato fighters

  • Hank Bevers says:

    What is that small structure over the MiG-29 cockpit at 5:45 to 5:48 in this video ?

    That same structure lowered at 5:59 in this video.

  • Doctor Cthulhu says:

    So the final design contracts for the PAK-FA and F-35 were signed in the same year. the US has over a hundred in service while Russia has only made ~12 prototypes.
    While everything for the F35 was brand new, the T50 is using a majority of borrowed equipment.

  • CDNShuffle says:

    say what you want about russian fighter aircraft,
    you cant deny how sexy they are

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