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5 Facts Behind Why Pakistan’s JF-17 Is Not A Threat To India

This video shows you some true facts about Pakistan’s fighter jet JF-17 thunder. In world wide so many people compare PAF JF-17 to Indian HAL LCH (Tejas). This video clear your doubt about Why Pakistan’s JF-17 Is Not A Threat To India..

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  • waris hassan says:

    tejus kabbar ka der ha jis ke itne tarefe kr ri .tmhari forces ne khud lene se inkar kr dia aesa gatia jahaz ha .aur aqsar logu ne coment kia k jf 17 ko dosre kam k lie use krna chahie to i think india walu ke behne nikalne k lie best rahe ga . idar se gai aur inke larki uthai aur jaldi se wapis a gai

  • Ali Maksud says:

    As per another video on youtube on JF and Tejas comparison; JF took verticle take off just off the ground which tejas didnt (tejas was moved liked an airliner for about 30 seconds before it took the verticle take). JF had a wayyyy smaller turning radius. JF was doing circles when Tejas was finding it hard to turn left and right. Your tejas may have a higher top speed but in a dog fight a top speed is rarely required. Your tejas might have a smaller take off than JF but keep in mind that Pakistan doesn't have an air craft carrier so we don't need shorter take offs. Over all JF 17 is the lighter and the the quicker air craft. Now it all comes to which air craft has the better radar and BVR missles to conclude which aircraft is a better dog fighter. Conclusively JF has clearly an edge over your Tejas. And provided JF has more operational experience than your tejas, JF is operational since 2010. So 7 years ahead of your Baby tejas.

    and on your comment that the equipment is chinese.. It employs the same engine that is in place in the mig 29. And it block 2 employs the engine that China WILL (not is yet) use in it's upcoming 5th generation stealeth aircraft J-31. Just google(you will find the details of the engines on the wikipedia, source JF 17 article) before saying somthing that is disgusting as your favourite Cow piss cola.

  • Ali Maksud says:

    I can make a video on 100 points why Hal Tejas is better than F22 Raptor just to satisfy my own ego 😀 That's what indians are doin here.

  • ABHISHEK conqueror says:

    Haha lol omg Pakistan aircraft is such worse than shit haha lol our 1 Sukhio can shoot down and S-400 aane ke baad toh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raja Azeem says:

    JF-17 ke squadron milke India me toilets drop karenge

  • Mehmood Ali says:

    Only answer to all tejas is rejected by their own air force and navy

  • Gaming Hacks says:

    Jf 17 block 3 will overcome all those facts as it is stealth and with good

  • fahad shaikh says:

    idiots j-17 is not for attack its for defence. Even 12 jf-17 would be deadly against 6 sukoi considering ground defence with awacs they all will combine to form defence not attack. I dont know why indians always rate atyack cant you see pakistan's military sutructure its totally following defencive approach. You will only see attacking mind set in missiles thats for last resort if we are about to lose then we will make sure you also dont live.

  • Vikash Tiwari says:

    jf17 ye bomb gerata h 💩💩💩💩

  • Jawad Ahmad says:

    WTF, why you rundian, intha pasnd hindu making false assumptions about jf 17.. do you pig indian didnt have any topic for making videos, your flying coffin teajs is a failure, not flown by you, donkey tejas. but still you rundians are so jealous because more than 10 countries shown their interest in jf17.

  • Achal Md says:

    Made in China aluminium junk. China dumped outdated cheap aluminum junk aircraft to poor Pakistan. But poor Pakistan doesnt have any other option as it cannot even design or produce it's own three wheeler, let alone an aircraft. So they bought obsolete Chinese junk and did the paint job and are proud of it. Sooo pathetic.

  • Waqar Ahmed says:

    jab war hoye to okat pata chal jay gi radians ko……time bataye ga k Kon ketny pani mein hy

  • Saif Raza says:

    you stupid indians think that technology can help you win . i have seen many time many advance planes jets rockets and missiles failed due to many uncontrolled condition which are in hands of ALLAH . before saying anything read the battle of badr even 1/3 of army almost no skills and experience and least weapons muslims won .

  • endnet says:

    Joke of the day again. Love it lol.

  • Waqar Anis says:

    tejas chuhy ky to per bhi nahi nikly. urna tu dur ki bat ha.

  • INSAF TV says:

    hahahahh acha kbi ana na khushboo laga ka 😀 block2 and three is ready now 5th genration tm indian salo bheek mango russia america sa plane dy do plane ki 😀
    r dushman ko marny ka lia dil chaye plane koi b ho M.M.alam yad ha na ya bhool gye nai yad to google kr lana tb pta chal jaye ga ka kis plane sa kon seyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plane giraye thy 😀

  • Sardar Mubshir Ghaffar says:

    We didn't build it to threat India.

  • azhar asim says:

    JF 17 can blow Randians it's not a threat infact it's a destroyer

  • Af Kar says:

    Its complacency that kills… in fools paradise….Pakistan zinda bad

  • Shahzad Aslam says:

    We just need NUCK to knock out India. Whatever they buy Rafal etc NUCK will knock them So don't worry India will not be a threat for us as well

  • kshitiz singh says:

    jf-17 is a junk even block 100 will be a junk 😂😂lol

  • theravishing says:

    Search.. JF 17 Thunder Block 3

  • Khawar Qadri says:

    ہندووں جہازوں سے اتنا فرق نہیں پڑتا جتنا جہاز اڑانے والے سے ساری دنیا جانتی ہے پاکستان کے پائلٹ انڈین سے بہت اعلیٰ اچھے ذہین اور قابل ہیں انڈین مقابلہ نہیں کر سکتے

  • osamify007 says:

    jf 17 is export ed to international buyer successful ly while indian own navy rejected poor ugly teja just a composite samoosa flying nothing else

  • mohamed Fazeer says:

    srilankan government willing to buy 6 JF17 it's a latest news ..

  • The albanian pelasgo-Illire Shqiptar pelasge-Illire says:

    Jf -17 and tejas both are scrap metal aircraft , I don't understand why india and pakistan want to make war when both have shit aircraft ,……. india understand that theire "tejas" aircraft were shit and they bought the french rafale …..

  • Ans Arshad says:

    this is an INDIAN Channel.. and I've seen Indians to create the videos like this " Why ___ is not threat to India… " "Why India should not worry about CPEC " etc.. Actually Indian are discussing these kind of topic which they think are really harmful for them…

  • Narendra jaiswal says:

    aaj kal porkistan mulk ki haalat dekh aisa lagta h ki ye log na ab ghar k rahe or na ghaat k.
    America used and left porkistan as used condom,
    Afghanistan kicked porkis.
    Even Bangladesh not allow porkistani cricketer to play in own country.
    Saudi arab refused to recognize porkistan and move to india.
    Sri lanka not asking porki peoples any more.
    Russians and Americans refused to sale weapons to poor porkistan.
    Iran, india and afganistan start chabahar port it means Gwadar looses it's importance.
    Russians and indian are partner in many defense deals.
    America also allow india to 98% access in it's defense sector.
    America simply refused when porkistan wants nuclear power reactor from America.
    After all these thing's porkistani peoples want kashmir 😂😂, by nuclear missiles or by jf17 blunder airstrike's
    ohhhh God really porkistani peoples how much ambitious with there old era technology which comes from china.
    Remember porkistani peoples china playing a dangerous game to you in form of Gwadar port or CPEC.

  • Junaid Ali says:

    i am not an avionics expert….but like seriously if it has so much defects then why are u indian so obsessed with it….

  • Alex Smith says:

    Suna hain jf-17 main ejection seat nahin hain…. Price reduce karne k liye plastic chair use karte hain.. 😂😂😂

  • Max Zhao says:

    Tejas is totally crap. JF 17 is much better. the video make doesn't know shit and stupid.
    What make the Indian guy thinks that their tech is better than china? because they can't win an Olympic gold? or is it because China has a larger economy? or is it because China has a maned space program? how unbelievably ignorant.

  • shakir jalal says:

    Khayal acha hy ghalib dil behlalny ke lea
    Bolty raho or banty raho video agar koe far nae nae to per pat kun ge hy hahahahahahahahha
    Tum log kab. Bary ho joagy ya bachy he rahogy kese bewaqoof banna rahy hy darty b ho or videos b bana bana ke load kerty ho koe bag nae yar mat Darro ham public ko kuch nae kahengy seraf government ke gand marengy

  • Muhammad Ali says:

    jf17 thunder 💪💪💪power!!!

  • Faaiz Rajput says:

    lol. you need to recheck your facts.
    thunder has one of best menouverablity hahahaha
    tejas has less check it again
    tejas took 35 years to come into this world.

  • Mr Sharath Gopalan Aiyangar says:

    I request views not to under estimate the enemy . I feel J10 is some what good in Pakistani view . 100 % meusum pieace .

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