$350 million – the USA’s Donation to Ukraine

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The very amount of money the US governors decided to give away in order to help the armed forces of a European-to-be country.

The information went viral after United States Senate Committee on Armed Services has released the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018.

According to the document, Russia has been posing a serious threat to European countries and partners of the USA including their cyber-attacks, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda etc. Therefore, America simply cannot stand still.

$350 million, however, is just the virtual sum given by the USA. First, Ukraine will receive the first tranche, which is only the half of USA’s funding. The next part of the money will be restricted until the Secretary of Defense claims that Kyiv has made institutional reforms and developed sustaining capabilities of armed forces. It is evident that the second tranche completely depends on whether Ukrainian governors at least start to fight the military corruption and a sheer waste of funding.

It is a well-known fact that Ukraine had the same sum of money coming in from the USA the previous year. The condition of the second tranche has also remained the same. The Committees of both houses of United States Congress accepted the financial projections. It is interesting that the senior United States Senator who heads the Senate is famous to be very supportive of Ukraine.

The security assistance of America will likely be spent on lethal arms.

What is more, according to several sources the USA wants to transfer $5 million more to Ukraine state accounts just to antagonize Russia.

The money will be spent on the limitation of Russia’s hybrid-warfare attacks. As already stated, Russia has not stopped to violate the Eastern regions of Ukraine since 2014. While Russian VIP brides conquer all the men’s hearts from various countries of the world, Russian government seems to conquer more of the very countries’ territories.

$4,6 billion is to go the European Deterrence Initiative, the program created after the annexation of Crimea (Ukraine) by Russian Federation.

At least $100 million are said to increase the defense potential of Baltic nations: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

In general, the American military budget for 2018 is nearly $700 billion that is $6 billion more than in official request of the President.

A few months ago, Paul J. Selvaa the United States Air Force General and a Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff claimed that he as well as the United States European Command approve the funding of Ukraine’s armed forces. What is more, he also stated that Pentagon itself including a current United States Secretary of Defense ‘Mad Dog’ James Mattis hold the same opinion.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian politicians try to find new sources of military funding in other countries. According to Atlantic Council, the next possible financial help Ukraine can get from Canada. The money will be spent in order to protect the territory, resist to Russian attack and de-escalate the conflict.

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