20 years since Yeltsin defied coup in Russia

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(18 Aug 2011) SHOTLIST
HEADLINE: 20 years since Yeltsin defied coup in Russia
CAPTION: This week marks 20 years since Boris Yeltsin defied a Communist coup attempt and defended his newly elected government in Russia. But the anniversary isn”t widely celebrated on the streets where the dramatic events had unfolded. (18 August 2011)
FILE: Moscow – August 19, 1991
1. Wide of Boris Yeltsin climbing up on tank, zoom in to his shaking hands with tank crew members
2. Close up of Boris Yeltsin on tank speaking
Moscow – 1 July 2011
3. SOUNDBITE: (English translation of Russian) Gennady Burbulis, had been advisor to Boris Yeltsin:
“The whole world was broadcasting that footage, and as it turned out it was one of the key factors of the defeat of the coup plotters and of our victory.”
Moscow – 11 August 2011
4. Mid of members of an organisation called Live Circle, representing those who defended the White House in 1991
5. Close up of calendar for year of 2011 with portrait of Boris Yeltsin, slogan reading (Russian): “I have already made the most important deal in my life. Russia will never come back to its past. Russia will move only forward.”
6. SOUNDBITE: (English translation of Russian) Konstantin Truevtsev, leader of Live Circle organisation:
“For me personally it was for the first time in my country that I had the possibility to choose my government and then these miserable people tried to take it away. So, I went to defend first of all that right I got, more than anything else.” (AUDIO continues under VIDEO in SUBSEQUENT SHOT 7)
FILE: Moscow – August 20, 1991
7. Mid of men forming human chain
8. Close up pan of interlocked men forming chain and live circle around parliament building
FILE: Moscow – August 19, 1991
9. Mid of man lying on road trying to stop tank and then being taken out by other man as the tank continues on without stopping
10. Mid of men handing over bricks to each other to build barricades, zoom out
Moscow – 17 August 2011
11. SOUNDBITE (English translation of Russian) Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union: “My main aim was to avoid large-scale bloodshed. Things couldn”t have proceeded completely without bloodshed, I knew that even before, but we did manage to avoid it. Can you imagine what would have started if that had not happened? There could have been a civil war.”
FILE: Moscow – August 19, 1991
12. Wide pan of people gathered outside parliament building
13. Mid of people waving Russian flags, applauding and greeting Boris Yeltsin and his supporters who are on balcony of parliament building, reverse shot
14. Close up of Boris Yeltsin waving Russian flag, pull out
Moscow – 17 Aug 2011
15 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin watching fly-past by Russia”s newest T-50 jet fighters
16. Wide of two T-50 jet fighters
17. Putin and other spectators
A larger-than-life Boris Yeltsin defying Communist hardliners from the top of a tank.
The iconic image proved crucial in undermining their coup attempt 20 years ago
Members of a group called the Live Circle had defended the White House, the seat of the newly elected Russian president”s government, from the Communists back in 1991…
The communists had tried to use the military to block a treaty granting Russia and other Soviet republics their sovereignty — a move springing from reforms brought in by the man they put under house arrest, who”d been leading the Soviet Union at the time, Mikhail Gorbachev…
There was no civil war, the coup collapsed, the Soviet Union broke apart and the mood in Moscow was one of exhilaration as Yeltsin threw out the old system and brought in market reforms.

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