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1954 – Nuclear Bomb Test Studies Films by US Air Force – Preview

WATCH two 1950s Bikini Atoll nuclear test films by the Air Force on C-SPAN3’s Reel America – Saturday at 8am ET

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  • Internet God says:

    this insolence is the definition insanity have you not learned anything from our past?

  • slippybits says:

    Ahhh with the threats from N.Korea lets a fuel to the fire and show viewers how deadly an attack on the US would be! propaganda at its finest!

  • sinecurve9999 says:

    "I don't want to set the world on fire.
    I just want to set a flame in your heart."

    "And we'll all go together when we go
    What a comforting fact that is to know?
    Universal bereavement, an inspiring achievement!
    Yes, we will all will go together when we go!"

  • SuperEvilC says:

    Hillary has killed more people than even Hitler…and it's still Not Enough! She will get her WW3 one way or another!

  • Jay says:

    Thank you for sharing, C-SPAN.

    This seems timely.

  • Alecto says:

    The nuclear test films have been accessible on the internet for many years.. Welcome to the cybers there C-span. You'd be hard pressed to find something we haven't already seen.

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