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06/22/2017 Russia-US tensions over Syria & China A-shares’ MSCI inclusion

Russia-US ties took another turn for the worse when a US jet shot down a Syrian warplane, prompting Moscow to announce it will treat coalition warplanes over Syria as targets. How can the two powers de-escalate the tension between them? Also in this edition of World Insight, we discuss Morgan Stanley Capital International’s decision to include over 200 Chinese-listed stocks to its Emerging Markets Index. What benefits and risks will this bring to China’s stock market?

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  • personkid21 says:

    Last I checked on a map, Syria is not in an adjacent county of des moines or toledo(neither is the south "CHINA" sea, Iraq, Somalia, Russia, or the Phillipeans, and others).
    The easiest and most proper method the united snakes can avoid any issue with using this so-called "self defense" is to go west a few thousand miles and stay the !@#$% home!

  • Waqas Sarwar says:

    why chinese are to much afraid of usa even though Chinese have power..

  • Law Prince says:

    Russia should shot them down including US _any one who goes beyond the agreement Russia shot it down

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