03/29/2018: Will summits settle DPRK’s nuclear crisis? | Why is democracy decaying worldwide?

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The first summit between the leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic and the Republic of Korea since 2007 is planned for April 27, prior to the DPRK-US summit in May. The decision came just after DPRK leader Kim Jong Un finished his four-day “unofficial” visit to Beijing on Wednesday. What can be expected from the Korean summit? How will the summit shape the Kim-Trump meeting?

Over the past decades, the US has tried to promote its own values with limited success. Why is “liberal democracy” struggling to take roots in many parts of the world? Thomas Carothers, SVP for Studies at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, shared his perspective on the program.

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  • Reply
    Chongyee Yap
    March 30, 2018 at 7:50 am

    We the Chinese people have out own form og government and we have done very well for 5,000 years; why do you in the west think you have the right to force us to accept your model for government? Yes, Taiwan, India, Filipines etc. are democracies so they are happy with their democracy, do the PRC try to force Filipines to change to China's form of government ? The USA led west use "democracy and human rights" as the sharp end of the spear to force this fucking democracy bullshit. Chinese people spit on democracy ! China has beaten the greatest democracy USA and whip her into second place in the world packing order in a mere 30 years or less; starting from the lowest position(a starting position that was even less than Botswana. Just yesterday the IMF stated that China has overtaken USA to be the world NUMBER 1. If you consider that China was ostracized from the rest of the world except for USSR, from 1947 to 1974 (Nixon's visit ) and China had not participated in the race in science and maths, you western blowhards, and mastabators should be ashamed of yourselves. When you talk of democracy and human rights, don't insult Chinese people by including us in your consideration.

  • Reply
    Htin Moe
    March 30, 2018 at 8:52 am

    They destroyed Libya and they blame it on Libyan Leader. That is too much for me. Libya was doing well under Libyan leader.

    West can accept kings of Saudi and UAE. But thay can't accept the Presidents of Iraq, Libya and Syria. Why?

    Why do they have to destroy those countries and kill millions? Why?

  • Reply
    Mike 72
    March 30, 2018 at 8:53 am


  • Reply
    March 30, 2018 at 4:04 pm

    Meanwhile the 'democratic' Indians are still poor.

  • Reply
    Alvin Valeriano
    March 31, 2018 at 7:21 am

    The point of LX’s guest in her show’s second segment was made from 24:35 to 25:05 in the following words: “The more individuals gain a certain economic base, the ability to start making choices in their lives economically, they start to want to make choices politically. Once people have the right to education and to a certain independence economically, they begin to want to have some independence politically. They want to have a say over how their lives are shaped by the power holders and so the gradual development of the world over the last several hundred years has led individuals to be more assertive, more autonomous and to push for more political choice.”

    Hmmm…over the last, several hundred years. The guest did not mention the political form of the state in his statement, nor the prevailing conditions of production in his generalization. However, since commodity production and exchange facilitated by money currently predominate, then it is fair to assume that the guest is saying the following: When capitalism successfully creates general prosperity, then liberal democracy will thrive more and more, and in turn as a mutually reinforcing system, more liberal democracy will mean more and more prosperity. The inevitable victory of democracy through the development of capitalism appears as a fundamental law of human history for bourgeois ideologists, a Fukuyamayesk phantom, imho.

    Empirical evidence does not support the notion that there is a general relation between capitalist development and democracy. There is nothing democratic about bailouts to financial elites, using people’s money, and for all the popular uproar against this, the voice of the people was ignored. Many more demands and concerns expressed by a majority of Americans are routinely ignored, be it about global warming, wars, regime changes, etc. The growing dominance of money in the USA’s political system provides a glaring example of the tendency for the abandonment of democracy by the ruling class, when it no longer suits their “program.”

    During the earliest formation of the USA, a time when the feudal system of England has become an impediment for further development of the bourgeois economy, it is true that the prospering colonial subjects began to demand more political rights. After winning independence from their colonial master, Americans further prospered and more and more democratic rights were won from the reforms of the political system. However, concurrent with these political gains was the increasing domination of the capitalist elite, which is proof of the pudding that all these political rights and adherence to laws are not only beneficial to the ruling class, but crucial to its existence. Specifically, the right to private property was a universal right, so that there is that belief that “anyone can get rich.” However, there are no laws declaring it illegal for a CEO to earn 1000 times more than an ordinary employee, which imho is a softer, modern version of the feudal lord owning all the land granted by the king and the serf owning nothing, not even his own labor. What was then a universal right of private property, an idea inspiring the revolt of the king’s subjects, has now become a “particular right of privilege” of the bourgeois class, a logical development of the capitalist system. Many saner minds have bewailed the declining prospects of individuals in the world’s most “advanced, democratic” country.

    To conclude, I am of the opinion that democracy will thrive better in a socialist system, and in fact, as Rosa Luxemburg says, the socialist movement is the only genuine support of democracy. Why is this so? Answer: When the working class gains the upper hand and assumes the dominant political power, then as the majority and as the ruling class, all concepts about laws, education, economic relationships, in short all prevailing, ruling ideas will be THEIR ideas. The interests of the proletariat will be an expression of the general interest. The rule of the proles, the 99%, is the real democracy.

    (Thanks for reading. Actually, it doesn't really matter to me if no one reads it. I often write just for my own self-clarification about certain concepts). The Point Rocks!!!

  • Reply
    an wang
    April 1, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    why hitler was elected as president? How to prevent this. How to make sure the election is justified and not influenced by outside intervention, especially by large power countries, for example, USA

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